KitKat Kinako Ohagi

We’ve met kinako before, in special omiyage edition, and in the 5-star bar edition, so you know then that kinako is toasted soy flour, right?  Doesn’t sound too tasty in English, I’ll grant you.

An ohagi is another one of those traditional sweets that I avoid, on account of it being a mochi (soft rice cake), filled with azuki beans, and coated in the aforementioned toasted soy flour.  I know.  Ideas on what constitutes sweet treats differ greatly from culture to culture.

Well, there’s very little of the ohagi, and quite a lot of the kinako, which means a lovely nutty flavour suiting the smooth milk chocolate.

By my crude rule of thumb (noting how many were left in the shop and for how long) these were not terribly popular with the locals, probably for the very reason I loved it.  It’s a nutty KitKat, not an ohagi.

KitKat Kinako Ohagi


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