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KitKat Sakura Maccha

Sakura, I’m sure you already know, is cherry blossom, and maccha is special powdered green tea. And I hate to be cynical, but seeing as Nestlé Japan are, I’ll play too. There’s such a thing as over-egging the cake.  Gilding … Continue reading

KitKat Uji Maccha

You’d’ve thought a good green tea KitKat would be the business, but it was a bad day for KitKats when we tested this one.  Last of a bad group on a boiling hot day, and I was jonesing for some … Continue reading

KitKat Tiramisu & Maccha Tiramisu

Presumably these single fingers are market testers, like the recent strawberry and blueberry cheesecake ones, to be followed later by more substantial packs. The Maccha (powdered green tea) Tiramisu is quite subtle and creamy, like a maccha latte.  The Tiramisu … Continue reading

KitKat Uji Maccha Itoh Kyuemon

Green Tea flavour, in conjunction with, or maybe just advertising Itoh Kyuemon, the famous Kyoto tea and sweets shop.

KitKat Kyoto Uji Maccha

Another regional special omiyage edition from our special correspondent. Unfortunately for me, these green tea KitKats proved immensely popular in our house, so they didn’t last long. You can’t go wrong with green tea though.

KitKat Torokeru Zeitaku Uji Maccha

A green tea all poshed up, along the lines of the exceedingly posh Brandy & Orange from April. Nice, and all that, but these editions are more expensive than the usual jobs.

KitKat Maccha Milk

If the original green tea KitKat wasn’t delicious enough for you, here’s Maccha Milk. The milk not only gives it a cool, creamy texture, it also takes the edge off the green tea bitterness. I’ve been everywhere to find this. … Continue reading

KitKat Koshian Maccha

Koshian is a kind of red bean paste confection. Not my cup of tea at all, sweet beans. But in fact this Kat tastes pretty much like the original green tea KitKat (though much lighter green in colour), but possibly … Continue reading

KitKat Tiramisu

The edition released in February must have been a success, because here’s a big bagful of Tiramisu KitKats. But like what came before, it’s… white chocolate. The perfect Tiramisu KitKat has been done already. And it was of course milk … Continue reading

KitKat Chocolatier

KitKat Chocolatier Maccha & Kinako KitKat Chocolatier Strawberry & Nuts Warning: TAKAGI may cause inflated claims and disappointment Yes, Patissier Takagi’s back, people, so it’s time to don your protective anti-marketing specs. These are “Premium-type KitKats for adults”, he says. … Continue reading