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KitKat Sakura Maccha

Sakura, I’m sure you already know, is cherry blossom, and maccha is special powdered green tea. And I hate to be cynical, but seeing as Nestlé Japan are, I’ll play too. There’s such a thing as over-egging the cake.  Gilding … Continue reading

KitKat Sakura (Exam Hell Edition)

This sakura edition KitKat is available, along with those pink gift boxes (big enough for two KitKats) from ガスト, バーミヤン, Jonathan’s, and other family restaurants in the Skylark group. It’s for all those poor students currently enduring the bloodthirsty annual … Continue reading

KitKat Exotic Kyushu Sakura

Or Exotic Sakura Assort, to give it its proper title. Each of the four regions now has a Sakura version of the Exotic collection, meaning half the box contains the “caramel white chocolate with orange and mango” that dissolved my … Continue reading

KitKat Sakura & Sakuranbo

The Cherry Blossom season’s just around the corner? Who are Nestlé trying to kid? There’s probably a Ministry of the Interior handbook that says when sakura season officially starts, and I’ll bet it doesn’t say January 1st. Anyway this year’s … Continue reading

KitKat Sakura

Reckon Nestlé were pretty proud of this one. They got it into the shops long before the cherry trees blossomed and it was available for ages. Had a few of these, but a little too sweet (and let’s face it, … Continue reading

KitKat Jasmine Tea

If you’re the kind of person who likes their tea to taste of flowers, then you’ll probably not object to chocolate that tastes of tea that tastes of flowers. You follow? Fortunately, white chocolate just wouldn’t suit the flavour, so … Continue reading

KitKat Yukimizakura

Goodness but the Sakura KitKat seems to come out earlier and earlier each year, doesn’t it. This year they admit it, but making it the ‘winter-blooming’ cherry-blossom. Er, OK. But given the limited edition nature of these things, does that … Continue reading

KitKat Mini Kouhaku pack

These are very much along the same lines as last year’s ‘inspirational’ white and milk chocolate kats. Except there’s only one message this year – Kitto, sakura saku yo. By Kit Kat – which I’m informed means “Your blossom is … Continue reading