Let me explain…

There’s a very thin line between an interest and an obsession.

It’s a subtle little line, and as you’re approaching it, it’s not always obvious where it is.

But it’s fairly obvious if you’ve crossed it.

After you’ve been frolicking awhile in Sad Mad territory, you inevitably stop and look around and realise what you’re doing.  You are then faced with a clear and simple choice.  The first is to retire to the shadows to muster as much dignity as you might have left.  The second is to plough on regardless.  So here we are.


11 responses to “Let me explain…

  1. I’m still not entirely sure how I ended up stumbling upon your site but I read every single entry and was inspired by your love (obsession) for Kit-Kats. If you ever hear of anything appearing in the UK and want to get your hands on it I’d be happy to help you out 🙂

  2. Thanks for the kind words, selfster!

  3. I arrived in Japan in January and began stumbling across different KitKat flavors by accident in a local convenience store. In fun, I began telling my friends in the states about them and putting pictures of them on my Facebook. I stumbled across this page while researching how many strange flavors actually exist in this country…
    Thanks for your help in my research!

  4. Sick site man. I was thinking you had at most 2 pages of KitKats, but you have like nearly 10 or so. Very, very impressive collection. 5 years worth of KitKat coverage . If you don’t mind I think I will show this site to a few people I know.


  5. love your new site!

  6. Just as I had finished my last Chunky Green Tea Kit Kat that I managed to buy during a Japanese food fair, and was wondering where/ when i would be able to get my next fix, I stumble upon your website. I am amazed at the myriad of flavors of Kit Kats out there in the world, and at the same time very envious that it has not and probably never will reach my shores.

    Now I am tempted to travel the world in search of these wonderful Kit Kat flavors, thanks for the inspiration

  7. Hello. I’m also a kit kat addicted. I am going to add my finds t my food blog http://www.yourlastmouthful-blog.com. Please can I ask where you’re based? Do you live in Japan?

  8. I’m living in Tokyo and just found Passion Fruit (not passion fruit and rasberry) at 7-11. It was pretty good.

  9. Sorry for all my spelling mistakes above. Autocorrect!

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