for U.S. readers

American KitKat lovers often ask, “Why don’t we get any special flavours?”

Well the significant difference between US KitKats and the rest of the world is that they are products of different companies.

KitKat is produced all over the world by Nestlé.  Except in America, where they are produced by Hershey.  This dates back to a licensing agreement made between Hershey and the original UK producer, Rowntree of York, which predates the sale of Rowntree to Nestlé.

But, American readers, you’re not being singled out.  UK KitKat fans could be equally aggrieved, particularly as the KitKat originated there.  UK KitKats are stubbornly unadventurous, coming in a few basic flavours, and very seldom any limited editions.

In fact, it’s really only Nestlé Japan that goes crazy for nearly weekly new flavours.


One response to “for U.S. readers

  1. Yes, but UK has the dark chocolate KitKats. Damn good. Too bad I live in the U.S. But a local Japanese supermarket had the Japanese dark choclate KitKats for a while. I bought a whole case and it lasted me almost a full year because I just couldn’t bear to eat them all. Love the blog, even though it’s like torture every time you post a 4-5 star flavor that we can’t get here. Grrrrr…

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