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KitKat White Coffee

Mmm, coffee. We like coffee.  And we always have milk in our coffee, so yes, white coffee, but HANG ON.  Why make a point of saying WHITE coffee.  Oh.  You can see where this is going, can’t you.

A while back we had Royal Milk Tea, which just like this KitKat, should have been milk chocolate if anyone at Nestlé Japan were sane.  But seeing as they’re all loons, this coffee KitKat, like the tea one before, is white ‘chocolate’.

The coffee flavour though redeems it.  It has quite a punch, and is nice and bitter, almost as if there are coffee grounds in there.

Shoulda been milk chocolate tho’.

KitKat White Coffee


KitKat Espresso Coffee

Well these appeared out of nowhere.  No word before or since from Nestlé about these.  And the packaging seems to have been knocked together in someone’s lunch hour.  It’s almost apologetic.  Like this was a mistake.

Because when all’s said and done, it’s a white KitKat.

Heaven’s above.  Is this a joke?  It’s coffee flavour!  More evidence, if any more were needed, that they’re all crackheads in the Ideas Dept. at Nestlé Japan.  No sane group of salarymen could have created this heinous chimera, this experimental atrocity.

Look at the box – the oversized espresso cup at the bottom attempting to distract your attention from the hideous white chocolate poking its head in from the other corner!

Two things that are very dear to my heart, if you hadn’t noticed, are coffee and chocolate.

So this is a fail.


KitKat Espresso

KitKat Happy Break

A special set for your tea- or coffee-break.  Each pack contains 3 packs of differently flavoured coffee or tea, and 3 raspberry and passion fruit, plain chocolate KitKats. Everything your breaktime needs.


KitKat Happy Break

KitKat Cappuccino (UK)

Coffee-flavoured KitKat – always a good idea. Available in packs of 10 – another great plan. Very glad that I had the foresight to buy 2 ten-packs. This will give the chance to savour them properly and review them fully. Again and again.


KitKat Cappuccino

KitKat Cafe Latte

Aaaaah, coffee AND chocolate. More please. Sublime.


KitKat カフェラッテ