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KitKat Raspberry & Passion fruit

Coming in both pink and brown boxes adorned with hearts and gold lettering, it’s a deliciously rich raspberry and passion fruit in dark plain chocolate.

We’ve had this flavour before – in the minis that came with KitKat Happy Break this time last year.  This feels a bit more luxurious though, and so it should as a Valentine’s special.

KitKat Raspberry & Passion Fruit


KitKat Banana

Limited to Kyushu and Okinawa, it’s a very bananarey banana.

Almost a bit too bananarey (I may have to copyright that) but only almost.  Not quite as good as I remember previous incarnations of banana.  But having said that, I still managed, of the course of a few days, to finish the whole bag.  Anyone who can’t bear artificial banana flavour, and I know there are a good number of you out there, may want to steer clear.

KitKat Banana (Kyushu / Okinawa)

KitKat White Coffee

Mmm, coffee. We like coffee.  And we always have milk in our coffee, so yes, white coffee, but HANG ON.  Why make a point of saying WHITE coffee.  Oh.  You can see where this is going, can’t you.

A while back we had Royal Milk Tea, which just like this KitKat, should have been milk chocolate if anyone at Nestlé Japan were sane.  But seeing as they’re all loons, this coffee KitKat, like the tea one before, is white ‘chocolate’.

The coffee flavour though redeems it.  It has quite a punch, and is nice and bitter, almost as if there are coffee grounds in there.

Shoulda been milk chocolate tho’.

KitKat White Coffee

KitKat Ginger Ale

I bought one of these ages ago and forgot to photograph it.  Then I went out and bought another one.  It sat in my bag all day, but I finally gave in to temptation and scoffed it before I had a chance to get it home to photograph it.  So third time around, I finally got a picture.

Fortunately it’s tasty enough that I didn’t mind buying it three times.  Imagine a lemon cheesecake, with a base made of ginger biscuits.  This KitKat has all that in spades.  Just lovely.

KitKat Ginger Ale

KitKat Sparkling Strawberry

Well, the packet’s sparkly.  And the KitKat’s strawberry.

‘Nuff said.

KitKat Sparkling Strawberry

KitKat Bar Wholewheat

A regular-flavoured Bar (or Chunky) except that some of the wafers are replaced by wholewheat biscuit.

As a result, the inside is a little softer, and little less crisp than it usually is, which lead this taste-tester to feel he was eating a stale bar, which was unfortunate, as apart from that it was delicious.

Simply not an improvement on the original.

KitKat Bar Wholewheat

KitKat Little, Salt & Caramel

Does exactly what it says on the packet.  Just what you’d expect – they’re little, taste of caramel, and a little salt.

I don’t really rate the caramel flavour here.  I know caramel is effectively burnt sugar, but there’s rather too much emphasis on ‘burnt’ here, to the extent it’s rather acrid, burns the throat a little.

KitKat Little Salt & Caramel