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KitKat Banana

Limited to Kyushu and Okinawa, it’s a very bananarey banana.

Almost a bit too bananarey (I may have to copyright that) but only almost.  Not quite as good as I remember previous incarnations of banana.  But having said that, I still managed, of the course of a few days, to finish the whole bag.  Anyone who can’t bear artificial banana flavour, and I know there are a good number of you out there, may want to steer clear.

KitKat Banana (Kyushu / Okinawa)


KitKat Yuzu Koshou

Y’see that green paste in the centre of the picture? That’s made of yuzu (citron) zest and green chilli peppers. And that my friends is yuzu koshou.

Plain chocolate and citrus oil – good. Plus slightly burning aftertaste – undecided. This KitKat has certainly out-weirded all-comers so far. Only available in Kyushu.


KitKat Yuzu Koshou

KitKat Kyushu Pack

The KitKat itself is a regular KitKat, but it comes with a free vocabulary lesson in southern Japanese dialects. Yes, really. This is one KitKat they never would have imagined at Rowntree all those years ago.

See here for more details.


KitKat Kyushu Pack

KitKat Mango

Special omiyage edition only available in Kyushu and Okinawa. You’d have to be a real mango lover, but the whole package is so suggestively exotic, you’d want it anyway.


KitKat 南国マンゴー (Mango)