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KitKat Rich Kinako

Another Tokyo area limited edition. If you like your kinako, which is toasted soy flour, you’ll be all over this one.  But I’m not.  Kinako coats traditional gelatinous Japanese sweets, and it’s like… well, what would you imagine having a mouthful of flour and goo is like?  The kitkats though, have a nice nutty flavour, but are very rich. And that’s me saying that.


KitKat 濃きなこ - Rich Kinako


KitKat Soy Sauce

A Tokyo area limited edition.  Before you start, let me just say that I know what you’re thinking.  But it’s not like this is the first weird one, is it.  So settle down.

There is a soy sauce aroma, but when it’s sweetened it ends up very similar to caramel or maple syrup. Just a bit salty.


KitKat しょうゆ - Soy sauce...