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KitKat Exotic Kyushu

This KitKat reminds me of a celebrity. Not a particular celebrity, but a type. The type that comes from a down-to-earth, humble background, goes on to worldwide fame and fortune and in the process goes irretrievably barking mad.

So immediately you detect the hand of nutter gourmet Takagi. And here he extends his ‘Exotic’ series to us oft-neglected southerners with “caramel white chocolate with orange and mango”. A bit like when a child comes in from the garden and offers you a mud pie made with real mud, it catches you unawares, you smile and say thank you very much. Well, not much like that actually, because these are really rather edible, though they’ll test even the sweetest tooth.


KitKat Exotic Kyushu


Various UK editions

We need to break this down a bit.

First, the Editions – a caramel and a Seville Orange – both faultless.

Whole load of Kats
But you’ll also notice in the middle of that photograph…

…the abomination labelled ‘Luscious Lime’. The single star is because I didn’t envisage needing a ‘no stars’ rating. Tasted like it would probably keep your toilet free of germs for weeks.