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KitKat Custard Pudding

There was a time before プリン (custard pudding / creme caramel) flavoured KitKat.  And in that void, I longed for The Committee to get their backsides into gear and sort one out.  And then one day, they did.  And I thought… meh.

And this is more of the same, white (well, yellow) chocolate, so really sweet. If you must, I’d recommend buying the smaller bag.


KitKat Custard Pudding


KitKat Caramel Purin

I’m not sure there’s really any connection between caramel and Halloween, but someone at Nestle Japan seems convinced otherwise.  On top of that, these KitKats come with inspiring little messages like “Your dreams can come true” and other assorted tripe.  Any resemblance to actual Halloween would presumably be entirely unintentional.


KitKat ャラメルプリン

KitKat Purin

Or Creme Caramel, as we call it where I’m from. I’ve been dreaming of this one for ages. You’d want a sweet tooth, and an unerring ability to inhale large quantities of プリン, but provided you have that, you’re in heaven.


KitKat プリン