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KitKat Koshian Maccha

Koshian is a kind of red bean paste confection. Not my cup of tea at all, sweet beans. But in fact this Kat tastes pretty much like the original green tea KitKat (though much lighter green in colour), but possibly even a little creamier. Handy big bag too.


KitKat こしあん抹茶


KitKat Chocolatier

KitKat Chocolatier Maccha & Kinako
KitKat Chocolatier Strawberry & Nuts

Warning: TAKAGI may cause inflated claims and disappointment

Yes, Patissier Takagi’s back, people, so it’s time to don your protective anti-marketing specs. These are “Premium-type KitKats for adults”, he says. In the green corner, “Ujimaccha, Kinako, Ume, selected by Patissier TAKAGI”. Aaaand in the pink corner, “Strawberry, Pistachio, Almond, Thyme, selected by Patissier TAKAGI”.


Green tea. Strawberry. Not bad, but come on…


Mixed "Green Tea & Kinako" and "Strawberry & Nuts"

KitKat Green Tea

(The one that started me down this strange path in the first place)


High marks straight away simply for being green. More points for more than a faint hint of Caramac. But that does rather overpower any green tea flavour.

KitKat 宇治抹茶