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KitKat Sakura Maccha

Sakura, I’m sure you already know, is cherry blossom, and maccha is special powdered green tea.

And I hate to be cynical, but seeing as Nestlé Japan are, I’ll play too.

There’s such a thing as over-egging the cake.  Gilding the lily.  Mashing two national treasures together for no reason other than to shift product.

As we’ve seen before, Nestlé Japan like to bang that cherry blossom drum.  And we haven’t been short of maccha editions either.

And what you get when you put them both together is neither.  It certainly tastes of both, but why?  Like opera and freefall skydiving – you may love each individually, but I can’t think of a single reason to force them together.

KitKat Sakura Maccha


KitKat Wasabi

If you think you can’t handle it, leave now.  This isn’t for the faint-hearted.

We’ve arrived.  Here we are at the Japanesest KitKat EVER.

I like wasabi.  And you know I like chocolate.  But then again, I like sleeping and I like driving along mountain roads.  But it would never occur to me to combine the two.

Although a single mouthful was enough to make me wretch, the subjects I experimented on with the remainder of the box demonstrated far less extreme reactions.  One said “It’s not too wasabi…” as if there were some degree of wasabi / chocolate balance that’s perfectly natural.  Nonsense of course.

How many times have you regretfully said, “It seemed like a good idea at the time…”?  You’ll need that to explain buying these.

KitKat Wasabi

KitKat Uji Maccha

You’d’ve thought a good green tea KitKat would be the business, but it was a bad day for KitKats when we tested this one.  Last of a bad group on a boiling hot day, and I was jonesing for some real chocolate by this stage, so it just didn’t hit the spot.

Test conditions aside, it’s probably as good as past efforts.


KitKat Uji Maccha

KitKat Tiramisu & Maccha Tiramisu

Presumably these single fingers are market testers, like the recent strawberry and blueberry cheesecake ones, to be followed later by more substantial packs.

The Maccha (powdered green tea) Tiramisu is quite subtle and creamy, like a maccha latte.  The Tiramisu has a rich coffee and cocoa aroma.  Both are sublime, choosing a favourite will simply come down to whether you’re a tea or a coffee person.


KitKat Tiramisu

KitKat Muscat of Alexandria

Oh what a very grand name for what is inescapably a grape KitKat. Not quite as toilet as former incarnations of black grape KitKats (it’s light green for a start, although a green complete unknown in nature), but still faaaaairly toilet, I’d say.


KitKat Muscat of Alexandria

KitKat Uji Maccha Itoh Kyuemon

Green Tea flavour, in conjunction with, or maybe just advertising Itoh Kyuemon, the famous Kyoto tea and sweets shop.


KitKat 宇治抹茶伊藤久右衛門

KitKat Kyoto Uji Maccha

Another regional special omiyage edition from our special correspondent. Unfortunately for me, these green tea KitKats proved immensely popular in our house, so they didn’t last long. You can’t go wrong with green tea though.


KitKat 京都宇治抹茶