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KitKat Caramel Purin

I’m not sure there’s really any connection between caramel and Halloween, but someone at Nestle Japan seems convinced otherwise.  On top of that, these KitKats come with inspiring little messages like “Your dreams can come true” and other assorted tripe.  Any resemblance to actual Halloween would presumably be entirely unintentional.


KitKat ャラメルプリン


KitKat Caramel

A very special KitKat indeed. Strong caramel aroma, and rich creamy praline-like flavour. And they’re stripey! I must have worked my way through a dentist’s dozen of these. For the sweet of tooth, certainly, but fortunately I fit that profile quite comfortably.


KitKat ャラメル

And in case the full-size ones didn’t fully satisfy (which of course they did), there is emergency back-up available in the shape of the mini multi-pack. And let’s not forget, though we almost did, that these were a special Halloween edition, hurried out a full four weeks before the day.


KitKat ャラメル Mini

KitKat Pumpkin

KitKat’s special Halloween edition is a peculiar little number. The panel’s opinion was divided. One tester murmured “Ooh, pumpkin!” when she tasted them, but I think she had been overawed by the Power of Suggestion. To me, these tasted very similar to KitKat Exotic Tokyo, which was billed as being raspberry flavoured. Very tasty, but I knocked off a star for simply not delivering on its promises.


KitKat パンプン

And if the Mini is too much for you to cope with (you delicate creature, you) there is also KitKat Baby Pumpkin, tiny cubes of even less spooky Halloween goodness.