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KitKat Little, Salt & Caramel

Does exactly what it says on the packet.  Just what you’d expect – they’re little, taste of caramel, and a little salt.

I don’t really rate the caramel flavour here.  I know caramel is effectively burnt sugar, but there’s rather too much emphasis on ‘burnt’ here, to the extent it’s rather acrid, burns the throat a little.

KitKat Little Salt & Caramel


KitKat Little Banana

Tastes pretty much identical to KitKat Little ふるーつミックス (Fruit Mix), which I thought at the time tasted mostly of banana.


KitKat Little Banana

KitKat Little Fruit Mix

Don’t know what fruits are supposed to be mixed here, but it seemed to be mostly melon and banana. Wasn’t greatly moved either way really.


KitKat Little ふるーつミックス

KitKat Lucky Little

Containing both white and pink KitKat Little. Get more white than pink, and that’s lucky, but get more pink than white and… well it doesn’t matter as I’m sure everyone gets more white.


KitKat ラッ-リトル