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The Great Australian Swag

Bet you wish you had friends like mine

This will take some time, but you’ll enjoy it, so bear with me.

First, there’s the Chunky assortment. In case you need help with that, we have from background to foreground: Chunky, Caramel, Chocolate Overload, Chocolate Strawberry, and Cookie Dough. Five stars, all of ‘em. No question, no argument.


And then there are days like these

Then there’s the Four-Fingers: the regular (which had mysteriously disappeared when the photo was taken), Chocolate Overload, and Mint Chocolate!


Something old, something new

And then, there are Family Blocks, if you feel so inclined to share, which came in Regular and Mint Chocolate.


Chip off the old block

That’s a lot o’ stars, people. And a lot o’ KitKats. Good job, Steve. What a legend.