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KitKat Raspberry & Passion fruit

Coming in both pink and brown boxes adorned with hearts and gold lettering, it’s a deliciously rich raspberry and passion fruit in dark plain chocolate.

We’ve had this flavour before – in the minis that came with KitKat Happy Break this time last year.  This feels a bit more luxurious though, and so it should as a Valentine’s special.

KitKat Raspberry & Passion Fruit


KitKat Happy Break

A special set for your tea- or coffee-break.  Each pack contains 3 packs of differently flavoured coffee or tea, and 3 raspberry and passion fruit, plain chocolate KitKats. Everything your breaktime needs.


KitKat Happy Break

Le Patissier Takagi KitKat Passion Fruit

The beginning of my ‘differences’ with Takagi-san, a Tokyo patissier said to be the brains behind a range of new flavours of KitKat.

Touted as a luxury KitKat, but had an acidic flavour which was only very vaguely passion fruity anyway. Not bad, but loses points for failing to live up to the hype.