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KitKat Raspberry & Passion fruit

Coming in both pink and brown boxes adorned with hearts and gold lettering, it’s a deliciously rich raspberry and passion fruit in dark plain chocolate.

We’ve had this flavour before – in the minis that came with KitKat Happy Break this time last year.  This feels a bit more luxurious though, and so it should as a Valentine’s special.

KitKat Raspberry & Passion Fruit


KitKat Happy Break

A special set for your tea- or coffee-break.  Each pack contains 3 packs of differently flavoured coffee or tea, and 3 raspberry and passion fruit, plain chocolate KitKats. Everything your breaktime needs.


KitKat Happy Break

KitKat Raspberry

Haven’t seen these around here – these were a gift gratefully received from a friend up north, who inexplicably couldn’t bear them. The panel’s decision was unanimous though – a very agreeable KitKat. Tastes pretty much the same as Exotic Tokyo, but probably at a fraction of the cost.


KitKat ラズベリー

KitKat Exotic Tokyo Black and White

Now there are two versions of Exotic Tokyo to choose from when you meander through the giftshops of the capital’s airports – the yellow-boxed edition, containing rich milk chocolate and raspberry flavour, and now the blue-boxed white chocolate version.

And I know it’s going to upset some people, but I reckon the white one is far better. The raspberry flavour creme filling clashes with the milk chocolate in comparison to the match with the white.

Come on, say it with me now. I may finally have made my peace with white chocolate.


KitKat Exotic Tokyo