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KitKat Little, Salt & Caramel

Does exactly what it says on the packet.  Just what you’d expect – they’re little, taste of caramel, and a little salt.

I don’t really rate the caramel flavour here.  I know caramel is effectively burnt sugar, but there’s rather too much emphasis on ‘burnt’ here, to the extent it’s rather acrid, burns the throat a little.

KitKat Little Salt & Caramel


KitKat Salt Vanilla

Nearly typed ‘Salt and Vinegar’…  and that wouldn’t really have seemed any more outlandish, would it.

Not dreadful, but don’t know if it reminds me that much of the illustrated vanilla ice-cream (which I’m not in the habit of sprinkling salt on anyway), but it’s a better vanilla than previous efforts.

Then again, there have been so many dodgy flavours recently, I think my ability to give a fair and balanced review is diminishing.

But it’s still white chocolate.  Alas.  I think if I look back at this post in a year I probably won’t remember these at all.


KitKat Salt Vanilla

KitKat Salt & Caramel

Where KitKat’s “Salt With Pretty Much Anything” phase met the current “Weird Incarnations of Caramel” phase. Actually not at all bad. Without the salt it’d probably just be unbearably sweet.


KitKat Salt&Caramel

KitKat Watermelon & Salt

Didn’t get off to a good start, this one.  I know what you’re thinking. The salt.  Well, no.  It wasn’t that.  Actually the salt’s neither here nor there, being completely unnoticeable.  The problem was opening the bag and being assaulted by an aroma not smelled since the Great Grape Debacle.  But in fact, if you like watermelon, it’s probably very passable indeed.


KitKat Watermelon & Salt

KitKat France Lorraine Salt

OK kids, get your thinking gear round this. KitKat Salt.

And not just common-or-garden salt, but specially imported salt from Lorraine, France.

Right, someone’s having a laugh. Or Nestlé Japan are now employing crackheads. Someone, and it’s difficult to imagine such a person, but someone stood up in a planning meeting and suggested making a salt-flavoured KitKat. And then the same person, or perhaps a fellow crackhead, suggested it’d be a jolly wheeze to import the stuff all the way from France. Then everyone else put down their crack-pipe for long enough to say “Bravo!” and the Salty One was born.

It’s salty. Not like Walker’s crisps or Marmite, but it’s salty nonetheless. Not bad-tasting, even for white chocolate, but completely unnerving. I couldn’t even begin to get my head round it. The salty KitKat – it makes your brain hurt.


KitKat フランス �レーヌ岩塩