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KitKat Exotic Kyushu Sakura

Or Exotic Sakura Assort, to give it its proper title. Each of the four regions now has a Sakura version of the Exotic collection, meaning half the box contains the “caramel white chocolate with orange and mango” that dissolved my teeth before, and the other half is those delicate pink cherry-flavoured ones.

All rather excessive, if you ask me. I’m not quite sure what the idea is behind this version, but when it comes to entirely unsuitable and random flavour combinations that leave us wanting less, it’s what we’ve come to expect from anything with Takagi’s name on it.


KitKat Exotic Kyushu さくらアソート


KitKat Exotic Kyushu

This KitKat reminds me of a celebrity. Not a particular celebrity, but a type. The type that comes from a down-to-earth, humble background, goes on to worldwide fame and fortune and in the process goes irretrievably barking mad.

So immediately you detect the hand of nutter gourmet Takagi. And here he extends his ‘Exotic’ series to us oft-neglected southerners with “caramel white chocolate with orange and mango”. A bit like when a child comes in from the garden and offers you a mud pie made with real mud, it catches you unawares, you smile and say thank you very much. Well, not much like that actually, because these are really rather edible, though they’ll test even the sweetest tooth.


KitKat Exotic Kyushu

KitKat Chocolatier

KitKat Chocolatier Maccha & Kinako
KitKat Chocolatier Strawberry & Nuts

Warning: TAKAGI may cause inflated claims and disappointment

Yes, Patissier Takagi’s back, people, so it’s time to don your protective anti-marketing specs. These are “Premium-type KitKats for adults”, he says. In the green corner, “Ujimaccha, Kinako, Ume, selected by Patissier TAKAGI”. Aaaand in the pink corner, “Strawberry, Pistachio, Almond, Thyme, selected by Patissier TAKAGI”.


Green tea. Strawberry. Not bad, but come on…


Mixed "Green Tea & Kinako" and "Strawberry & Nuts"

Le Patissier Takagi KitKat French Bretagne Milk

You wait two months for a new KitKat and it’s another Takagi disappointment.

This one firmly sewed up Takagi’s reputation for dressing up something substandard as special. It was no more than a white chocolate KitKat. Like being given champagne only to find out it’s actually asti spumante, the panel were outraged.


KitKat ブレターニュミルク

Le Patissier Takagi KitKat Noir

It’s yer fella Takagi messing around again. This one was all fur coat and no knickers. Plain chocolate, dusted with cocoa powder. Dry and tasteless, a total mismatch of flavours. Very unSpecial Edition.


KitKat ノアール

Le Patissier Takagi KitKat Passion Fruit

The beginning of my ‘differences’ with Takagi-san, a Tokyo patissier said to be the brains behind a range of new flavours of KitKat.

Touted as a luxury KitKat, but had an acidic flavour which was only very vaguely passion fruity anyway. Not bad, but loses points for failing to live up to the hype.