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KitKat Raspberry & Passion fruit

Coming in both pink and brown boxes adorned with hearts and gold lettering, it’s a deliciously rich raspberry and passion fruit in dark plain chocolate.

We’ve had this flavour before – in the minis that came with KitKat Happy Break this time last year.  This feels a bit more luxurious though, and so it should as a Valentine’s special.

KitKat Raspberry & Passion Fruit


KitKat Valentine Lemon

“Give half to someone important”

Break the pack in half along the perforation on the back, eat one of the KitKats, tear half the package off, and reseal it (you can see the helpful folds in the front) before giving it to someone special. With a space inside for a Valentine’s message, anonymous or otherwise.

Lemon with white chocolate. Not at all bad. You wouldn’t want another one though.  And nor should you.  Who would you share a second Valentine’s KitKat with, after all?