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KitKat Maple

You know that feeling when your team’s ace striker gets around the last defender, sends the keeper the wrong way, and with an empty goal gaping in front of him, scuffs it wide.  Meet the KitKat Maple.

I’m not dissing the maple flavour.  Far from it, it’s lovely.  If only it had been milk chocolate.

But of course it’s white ‘chocolate’, and a great goal-scoring opportunity has been wasted.

KitKat Maple


KitKat White Coffee

Mmm, coffee. We like coffee.  And we always have milk in our coffee, so yes, white coffee, but HANG ON.  Why make a point of saying WHITE coffee.  Oh.  You can see where this is going, can’t you.

A while back we had Royal Milk Tea, which just like this KitKat, should have been milk chocolate if anyone at Nestlé Japan were sane.  But seeing as they’re all loons, this coffee KitKat, like the tea one before, is white ‘chocolate’.

The coffee flavour though redeems it.  It has quite a punch, and is nice and bitter, almost as if there are coffee grounds in there.

Shoulda been milk chocolate tho’.

KitKat White Coffee

KitKat Ginger Ale

I bought one of these ages ago and forgot to photograph it.  Then I went out and bought another one.  It sat in my bag all day, but I finally gave in to temptation and scoffed it before I had a chance to get it home to photograph it.  So third time around, I finally got a picture.

Fortunately it’s tasty enough that I didn’t mind buying it three times.  Imagine a lemon cheesecake, with a base made of ginger biscuits.  This KitKat has all that in spades.  Just lovely.

KitKat Ginger Ale

KitKat Royal Milk Tea

Royal Milk Tea sounds very posh, doesn’t it.   ‘Fragrant black tea with milk’ might be fierce exotic if you’re Japanese, but if you’re English, it’s simply a cuppa.

There is a hint of PG in there but because the Japanese emphasis is on the milk, it’s white ‘chocolate’, alas.

Nowt special, except look! – there’s tartan and Queen’s guards on the box. Alright, extra point for that.

KitKat Royal Milk Tea

KitKat Yaki Imo

So as the cool evenings get decidely chillier, thoughts turn to winter delicacies – like yaki imo, or roasted sweet potato.  Well, not my thoughts, actually.  Can’t bear the things myself.

The yakiimo-man still does the rounds in our town with his little yakiimo cart (seen in the picture), calling out across the evening to any prospective buyers.  And I enjoy this nugget of culture, which is slowly dying out.

Potatoes of any description have never really set my heart racing, and sweet potatoes are a recent introduction to my rather resistant palate.  Sweetness and potatoes… no thanks.

But these KitKats are apparently quite evocative of the real thing, so yakiimo afficionados should enjoy.

KitKat Yakiimo

KitKat Sports Drink

Sounds like a weird concept, doesn’t it.  And which particular sports drink, you might be wondering.

Well, in Japan, ‘sports drink’ is not as general a term as it might sound – it basically means ‘grapefruit flavour’.  Pocari Sweat, Aquarius and countless others are all ‘sports drinks’, and they all taste pretty much identical.  They’re sweet, cloudy, and grapefruit flavour.

The best I can say for it is that it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be.


KitKat Sports Drink

KitKat Tiramisu

The edition released in February must have been a success, because here’s a big bagful of Tiramisu KitKats. But like what came before, it’s… white chocolate.

The perfect Tiramisu KitKat has been done already. And it was of course milk chocolate. And Chunky, to boot.

If you’re one of those philistines that thinks white chocolate is an acceptable substitute for the real thing, well, we’ll have words later. Meanwhile, enjoy.



KitKat Tiramisu